Nature and conservation play a central role in the Khalili Brothers’ lives. They are deeply involved and personally committed to supporting global wildlife conservation efforts, as underlined by their involvement with Fauna & Flora International. KB strongly believe the greatest way to protect nature is to fall in love with it and have been working on numerous projects over the past decade. It is a passion that has been amplified by their own experiences in Africa, Central America, and Asia, and continues to serve as the inspiration behind much of their philanthropic activity.

Their inspiration comes from their admiration and respect of Sir David Attenborough, who for more than 60 years as a member (30 of those as Vice President) has been part of Fauna & Flora International (FFI), the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organisation.

Today, KB work closely with FFI and their worldwide network of local partners. They are on FFI’s Board of Trustees, are ambassadors of FFI’s Marine Programme, and also members of their Global Programme.

Through their philanthropic activities, KB contributes to important global wildlife projects alongside several initiatives closer to home, bringing together their personal passions and their drive for progress.

Current Projects

Ol Pejeta House

Fully funding the redevelopment of Ol Pejeta House set in Ol Pejeta Conservancy (OPC). OPC is now one of Kenya’s most successful conservancies. It is famous for its population of Black Rhino which is the largest in East Africa, and is home to the world’s last two remaining Northern White Rhinos. OPC also provides a sanctuary for rescued chimpanzee, and supports community development and the wider management of the Laikipia landscape. Income from the rental of the house will go directly back into the conservancy and aid all their efforts to protect Kenya’s ever threatened wildlife.

Chuilexi Conservancy

Donation to support operations at the Chuilexi Conservancy in Northern Mozambique’s Niassa Special Reserve (4.2 million hectares), one of the planet’s last remaining havens for biodiversity. Niassa is one of the most important refuges on the entire continent for two of Africa’s threatened carnivores, lion and wild dog.

Ya’axche Conservation Trust

Donation to the Ya’axche Conservation Trust in Belize allowing them to scale up their operations, secure a new office base and build vital infrastructure. Ya’axché works to preserve the link between healthy ecosystems in nature and healthy communities in the 770,000 acre Maya Golden Landscape of southern Belize. They protect wild places and collaborate with communities to address issues such as deforestation, food security, poverty, and impacts of climate change in order to promote sustainable development.


Donation to Biometepe, a local cooperative on Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua, to support their work to protect vulnerable yellow-naped parrots. These beautiful birds are rapidly reducing in numbers and are absolutely vital for the health of their forest home. They play a critical role in seed dispersal, helping to ensure that a wide variety of tree species can regenerate. As long-distance flyers, they can also help the forest to grow beyond its existing reaches, expanding it over time.

Ocean Conservation Trust

Donation to the Ocean Conservation Trust, the global ocean conservation charity, to support their Ocean Grants Projects. The Ocean Grants Projects have taken place in over 13 countries to help small scale projects that might not normally receive funding get off the ground. With efforts focused on behaviour change and habitat restoration, both of which are vital to achieving a healthy ocean.

Oza Conservation

Donation to Oza Conservation based in the Oza Peninsula, Costa Rica for essential equipment to aid in the conservation and protection of the surrounding wildlife and marine ecosystems. Rich in wildlife the peninsula holds 2.5% of the biodiversity of the entire planet in less than a thousand percent of its surface area and was dubbed “the most biologically intense place on earth”. Projects include a vast camera trap initiative to monitor and research the wild cats in the area.

Misión Tiburón

Donation to Misión Tiburón in support of their mission to protect our ocean and the wildlife it holds. Sharks are fundamental for the well-being of our marine ecosystem and Golfo Dulce, a tropical fjord on the Pacific coast of southern Costa Rica, plays a hugely vital role. It is a nursery ground for the scalloped hammerhead shark and KB have taken part in tracking their movement.

Angling Projects

Donation to Angling Projects, an organisation raising awareness amongst children of the dangers of taking/handling drugs by giving them a chance to get involved in fishing. It provides an enjoyable environment for children from underprivileged backgrounds to have the opportunity to become interested in fishing and conservation.

Lucy's Bowl

Donation to Lucy’s Bowl, a charity started in 2011 by Carp Anglers with the aim of raising money through fishing to sponsor puppies during their guide dog training. These puppies are carefully trained and allow their owners with vision loss to regain some independence in their day to day lives. KB have been hosting events for the charity at their Amber Lakes property for over 10 years.

Macmillan Cancer

KB have initiated a number of fundraisers at Amber Lakes for Macmillan Cancer, the UK’s leading Cancer charity offering emotional, physical and financial support for those and their family affected by Cancer.

UK Military, Navy, and Special Forces

Donation to UK Military, Navy, and Special Forces in support of veterans diagnosed with PTSD. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of those seeking help over the past several years and resolving the mental health problems associated with trauma is key to successful reintegration into society.

Wraysbury Football Club

Wraysbury Village Football Club was founded in 1902 to provide football to the men and women of Wraysbury village. KB have signed a three year sponsorship deal to support the club’s mens, womens and youth teams.