Khalili Brothers

 Investments are driven by a core belief that we are in the midst of a fundamental shift with emerging and disruptive technologies. The Khalili Brothers, Raphael and Benjamin, lead investments in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, gaming, art, education, sport and healthcare. The KB family office use internal capital only, allowing agile and fast decision making.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”

Stephen Hawking

KB Ventures

In tandem with the convergence of macro shifts in social and political trends, KB Ventures believe in the unlimited opportunity and untapped potential for change that lies before us and continue to pursue investments in what they see as some of the most significant technological innovations since the advent of the internet.

NFT Collection

In early 2020, the Khalili Brothers demonstrated prescience in the creation of a unique NFT collection. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) represent a moment in history where we as a population are transforming our understanding of value. NFT’s are an indication of the way our society is shifting to a new cultural and digital age.

Real Estate

KB’s extensive UK property portfolio includes commercial, retail and leisure properties. One of which is an important slice of the British countryside, 550 acres, situated between Windsor Castle and Hampton Court on the western-most outskirts of Greater London.


The Khalili Brothers, Raphael and Benjamin, take a hands on approach with their philanthropic activities, continuously working alongside conservationists worldwide on a yearly basis. Making a difference is about effecting change and sometimes, the greatest change comes from protecting and conserving what we already have.