About us

Across their diverse work in the spheres of philanthropy, technology, finance, property and leisure, KB is committed to pursue projects that contribute to a better future.

Whether investing in the technologies of tomorrow or energising crucially important conservation programmes, every venture is infused with their dynamic, complementary energies and rooted in a passion to preserve, enrich and positively influence the world we all share.


Raphael and Benjamin balance ideas and determination with a calm authority. They value reason and logic but are instinctive and think on the fly, unafraid to make fast and efficient decisions. They will always read the ‘feel’ of a situation and go with their gut, particularly when it comes to their macro investing strategy.

Whilst they have distinctive characters, the brothers are blessed with a common mindset. This means they bring a united perspective and a unique way of thinking to the world around them, always driven by success but set on achieving it together.

Raised in London, the brothers chose to continue their shared path at university, with the brothers both attending Boston University – Raphael to study Business & History of Art and Benjamin to study Mathematics & Statistics.